The Supreme Court has restrained Odisha MLA Prasant Kumar Jagdev to not visiting his constituency for a period of one year without the permission of the District Collector. The Court gave this order while granting him bail in a road rage case.

The Apex Court bench comprising of Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Vikram Nath passed the order while hearing a bail application moved by him in a case in which Jagdev drove his car into a crowd of protestors. It was contended that out of 20 injured victims two had received grievous injuries, and are now out of the hospital and others had received simple injuries.4

The Supreme Court had while granting the bail imposed the following conditions:

"1. He shall not visit the Chilika Constituency for a period of one year without taking permission from the Collector of the District

2. Even within this period of one year, he shall not address any public rally or political congregation of not more than five persons.

3. He shall not influence any witness directly or indirectly."

The Odisha High Court had earlier dismissed the bail application stating that such actions can never be treated as becoming of a public representative. The High Court had also noted the fact that there were a series of criminal cases attached to him which speaks against his credibility to abide by the condition of the bail.

On 12th March MLA Prasant Jagdev while giving the threat to run his vehicle over the crowd if not allowed to enter the Block Office drove his White Colour Discovery Car with intent to kill the members of the public and police personnel present there. As a result of this act, many police personnel and the general public got injured.

Cause Tile - Prasant Kumar Jagdev v. The State of Odisha

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