Yet another Letter Petition has been filed before the Chief Justice of India seeking withdrawal of oral remarks yesterday by the Bench of Justice Surya Kant and Justice J.B. Pardiwala while hearing a plea by Nupur Sharma seeking consolidation of FIRs against her across the country.

The Letter Petition has been filed by Vishnu Gupta, the National President of Hindu Sena, Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan, New Delhi.

Gupta has stated that the oral remarks made by the Bench are unwanted and without any merit and liable to be withdrawn at the discretion of the Apex Court.

Vishnu Gupta has stated in his Letter Petition that Court failed to understand that whatever Nupur Sharma stated was not against Quran and Haddis and all riots were politically motivated.

The Petitioner has also raised substantial questions of law involved in his Letter Petition which include –

  • Whether without trial or appeal or any judgment or finding of any court can the court make such a statement which effect merit of the case as well as trial?
  • Whether without finding of any investigation agency or without judgment of any court on the finding of investigation agency, can the court directly jump to such a controversial conclusion?
  • Whether the Court has not completely ignored the religious feelings of Hindu community and has been biased and discriminatory in overlooking the derogatory remarks on Lord Shiva despite constant request to stop such humiliation by Mr. Tasleem Ahmad Rehmani on the same TV debate which led to the provoking remarks by Nupur Sharma?
  • Whether that the Court have not been promoting blasphemy in India as per Sharia Law by such controversial observations leading to further havoc in the country as Hindus are deeply hurt by one sided discriminatory observations against Nupur Sharma, giving clean chit to the instigator and Mohammad Zubair, who didn't check the facts about her alleged remarks and circulated cut and doctored video to instigate his community?

The Petitioner further states that it has not been proved in any court of law that the statement made by Nupur Sharma is incorrect and the Udaipur matter is also sub judice.

Also, it has been stated that telling the truth which is documented and acknowledged by Islamic scholars and cleric and accepted by society is not an offence.

The Petitioner has also stated that the Apex Court failed to understand the right to equality is at stake when only one person is targeted while the others who instigated her to speak the truth is completely given a clean chit because he belonged to one particular religion.

It has been further stated that whatever Nupur Sharma said does not amount to blasphemy and Indian Courts do not follow Sharia Law.

The Petitioner has urged that the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over her transfer petition at the earliest keeping in view the life threats on her and her family against the numerous FIRs against her in different states and such issues are fundamental issues.

Vishnu Gupta has pleaded before the Apex Court to treat the letter petition as Writ Petition and take it on board as PIL.