The Supreme Court on Monday ordered that Z+ security cover provided to Mukesh Ambani and his family be maintained across the country and abroad, and the same is to be ensured by the State of Maharashtra and Ministry of Home Affairs.

A Bench comprising Justice Krishna Murari and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah said that the very purpose of providing security cover would stand frustrated, if the same is restricted to a particular place or area.

The Apex Court was hearing the Miscellaneous Application seeking clarification as to whether or not the scope of providing security cover is restricted exclusively within the State of Maharashtra, which is the place of business and residence of Mukesh Ambani.

We are of the considered opinion that if there is a security threat, the security cover provided and that too at own expense of the respondents, cannot be restricted to a particular area or place of stay,” said the Court.

Senior Advocate Mukul Rohtagi submitted before the Court that the highest level of Z+ Security cover was provided to them, in view of continuous threat perception assessed by Mumbai Police and Ministry of Home Affairs and Union of India.

The Apex Court to put an end to the entire controversy issued the following directions:

(i) Highest Z+ Security Cover provided to respondent nos. 2 to 6 shall be available all across India and the same is to be ensured by the State of Maharashtra and Ministry of Home Affairs.

(ii) Highest Level Z+ Security Cover, as per the policy of Government of India, be also provided, while respondent nos. 2 to 6 are traveling abroad and the same shall be ensured by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

(iii) The entire expenses and cost of providing Highest level Z+ Security Cover to respondent nos. 2 to 6 within the territory of India or abroad shall be borne by them.

In July 2022, the Supreme Court said the PIL petitioner “does not have locus standi in the matter. The threat perception of a party is based on the inputs received from the concerned agencies. We cannot adjudicate the same in the present petition”.

The Union of India filed a Special Leave Petition against the Orders of the Tripura High Court asking it to produce the status reports regarding the threat perception of Ambanis.

A Public Interest Litigation was filed before the High Court of Tripura at Agartala to remove or withdraw all the special securities provided to Mukesh Ambani and his family members.

Later, the Supreme Court directed closure of PIL pending before the High Court and said, “We are of the view that the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai and other respondents have no option but to ensure that the highest level "Z+" security is provided to these private respondents to protect their life and liberty, irrespective of whether any individual or any authority is convinced about the existence or otherwise of real threat to their life or liberty”.


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