The Petition challenging 'Talaq-e-Hasan' and other forms of "unilateral extra-judicial talaq" was mentioned before the Supreme Court today.

The Petition was mentioned by Senior Advocate Pinky Anand stating that the Petitioner Benazeer Heena has already received her second notice of Talaq.

"Talaq E Hasan has three notices. The first notice was on 19 April and the last one was on 19 May", the Senior Advocate told the Bench of Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice Bela Trivedi, seeking an early hearing of the petition.

When the Bench said that the matter can be listed after vacation, the Pinky Anand submitted that by that time, everything will be over and the third talaq will be given. "It is about a woman being abused", she said.

The Bench, however, said that there is no urgency in the matter. When the Pinky Anand persisted, the Bench said that the matter may be mentioned next week.

In the Petition filed through Advocate Ashwani Kumar Debey, the Petitioner who is a journalist has said that her parents were compelled to give dowry and that later she was tortured for not getting a big dowry.

As per the petition, Petitioner's husband and his family members tortured her physically-mentally not only after the marriage but also during the pregnancy which made her seriously ill. "When Petitioner's father refused to give dowry then her husband gave her Unilateral Extra-Judicial Talaq-E-Hasan through a Lawyer, which is totally against Articles 14, 15, 21, 25 and UN Conventions", says the petition.

"Muslim women can't give Talaq-E-Hasan & other forms of unilateral extra-judicial talaq but Muslim men can. Such discrimination and inequality hoarsely expressed in form of polygamy is abominable when seen in light of the progressive times of the 21st century", says the petition.