The Supreme today directed the listing of a fresh plea filed by the President of Hindu Sena seeking a complete ban on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and BBC India from operating from Indian territory on February 10, upon urgent mentioning.

The petition has been filed by Vishnu Gupta, President of the Hindu Sena and one Beerendra Kumar Singh.

List on 10th (February)”, said a bench comprising Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice PS Narasimha when the matter by mentioned by Advocate Barun Kumar Sinha.

As per the petition, the cause of action arose when the BBC released and aired its controversial documentary film regarding Gujarat riots in 2022. The plea alleges that the BBC deliberately sought to air the controversial documentary to attack the national and social integration of India.

The plea says that the officers of the British Broadcasting Corporations who are responsible for the documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots and anti-India reports should be prosecuted as per Indian law after having a thorough investigation by the National Investigating Agency.

The petitioner has alleged that the agenda of anti-India international lobby is to damage the international growing image of India and its leader Narendra Modi.

“…the recently BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi is result of deep conspiracy against global rise of India and its Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi.”, the plea read.

It has been stated that the Supreme Court has given a quietus to the cases relating to the Gujarat Violence of 2002 as no evidence was found to show the attacks were either inspired or instigated by any Minister of State of Gujarat.

It is pertinent to mention that this Hon'ble Court has given quietus to the cases relating to Gujarat Violence of 2002 as no evidence was found to show the attacks were either inspire or instigated by any Minister of State of Gujarat. It is relevant to mention that even the Nanavati Commission Report on 2020 Gujarat Violence has given categorical finding about no evidence to connect any Minister of the Gujarat Government with the violence.”, the plea read.

It has been alleged that BBC has been indulging in anti-India and anti-Indian Government propaganda in post-independent regime India. The petitioner has stated that false and malicious cold propaganda against India is an attack on the sovereignty of India in the name of journalism.

The plea alleges that the broadcast against India is selective and pointed to destabilize the integrity of India.

It further stated that BBC has been in controversy for its biased political reporting since the beginning. It was added that BBC is not impartial and has its own agenda against other Countries in general and politics in particular.

The petitioner has prayed for directions to the National Investigating Agency to initiate an investigation against the anti –India and anti-Indian Government reporting / documentary films /short films including its employee journalist in India.

Cause Title- Vishnu Gupta & Anr. v. Union of India & Ors.