The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the appointment of two Advocates and five Judicial officers as Judges of the Gujarat High Court. The Supreme Court Collegium also recommended appointment of an Advocate as Judge of the Gauhati High Court.

The names recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium to be appointed as Judges are as follows-

Gujarat High Court

• Advocate Devan Mahendrabhai Desai

•Advocate Moxa Kiran Thakker

• Judicial Officer Susan Valentine Pinto

• Judicial Officer Hasmukhbhai Dalsukhbhai Suthar

• Judicial Officer Jitendra Champaklal Doshi

• Judicial Officer Mangesh Rameshchandra Mengdey

• Judicial Officer Divyeshkumar Amrutlal Joshi

Gauhati High Court

• Advocate Kardak Ete

While recommending the name of Advocate Kardak Ete, the Supreme Court Collegium stated that the report of the Intelligence Bureau indicated that he enjoys a good personal and professional image and nothing adverse has come to notice with regard to integrity. It was further added that he belongs to a Scheduled Tribe and that his appointment will bring greater diversity and inclusion to the High Court.

While recommending the name of Advocate Devan Mahendrabhai Desai, the Supreme Court Collegium stated that his experience at the Bar in handling cases at the trial level before the City Civil Court would be an asset particularly in dealing with civil and commercial work in the High Court of Gujarat.

While recommending the name of Advocate Moxa Kiran Thakker, the Supreme Court Collegium stated that she has been able to overcome her own physical disabilities and her appointment would bring greater inclusion to the composition of the High Court.

On the recommendation of Judicial officers Susan Valentine Pinto, Hasmukhbhai Dalsukhbhai Suthar, Jitendra Champaklal Doshi, Mangesh Rameshchandra Mengdey and Divyeshkumar Amrutlal Joshi, the Supreme Collegium stated that they are experienced Judicial Officers and that nothing adverse to their integrity has been placed on record.

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