The Supreme Court today "requested" the Karnataka High Court Judge to defer the hearing of the case before him by three days, while adjourning the plea before the Supreme Court to Friday. The Court adjourned the case since the order passed by the Judge yesterday was not available before the Supreme Court.

The Bench comprising of Chief Justice N. V. Ramana, Justice Krishna Murari and Justice Hima Kohli ordered, "taking into consideration this senario, we request the learned Judge to defer the hearing for a period of three days to enable us to look at the order passed on July 11. List the matter on Friday. Issue the order by email".

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that in the circumstances that arose, the procedure to be followed was for the judge to refer the issue to Chief Justice and the Chief Justice to then assign the case to the roster judge. Mehta also said that the state was asked to produce all records of the officer, including his confidential service records and the confidential records were read in Court.

A Senior Advocate appearing for the head of Anti Corruption Bureau in his plea against the remarks of the Judge said that remarks were made against him without him being impleaded or heard.

The Bench observed that the bail applicant before the High Court has suffered on account of what transpired. "He is the real victim of the circumstances", Tushar Mehta said.

The matter was mentioned yesterday before the Bench by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for urgent listing. The Chief Justice, upon the mentioning, remarked, "What is this threatening judges with transfer and all?"

The Solicitor General apprised the Court that there have been reports in the media about the remarks of the judge of the High Court. The Court then agreed to hear the matter.

Karnataka High Court Judge, Justice P. S. Sundresh had made a claim that one of the judges of the High Court had indirectly threatened him of transfer for passing orders against the head of the Anti Corruption Bureau of the state and the judge had recorded the same in his order on Monday.