A Karnataka High Court Bench of Justice MG Uma has refused to grant bail to a 26-year-old man who had threatened to throw acid at a 14-year-old girl on the grounds that there was apprehension that he would execute his threat.

Counsel Jagadeesh HT appeared for the petitioner, while K.Rahul Rai Government Pleader appeared for the State.

In this case, the accused appeared before the Court seeking bail. He was accused of offences under Section 341, Section 354(D) and Section 506 of the IPC. The allegations against him were that he had illegally restrained the victim, tried to outrage her modesty, and given her life threats. He also threatened to throw acid on her if she failed to cooperate with him.

The victim objected to the bail petition on the grounds that there was a reasonable apprehension of the petitioner committing offence of throwing acid on her, and that she was considering leaving the village with her family to save herself.

The Court noted that the petitioner resided in the same village as the victim and that the victim and her family's life were threatened as they were the only ones of their community living in that village.

In light of the same, the Court observed that "The apprehension expressed by the victim is very reasonable. If the accused executes his threat of throwing acid, the same cannot be undone at any cost."

Therefore, it was held that bail could not be granted, and the petition was dismissed.

Cause Title: Pavan vs State of Karnataka

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