The Punjab & Haryana High Court today adjourned the Habeas Corpus petition filed by the State of Punjab seeking the release of their Police officials allegedly detained by the Haryana Police in connection with the arrest of Tejinder Bagga to May, 10. The matter was listed today before Justice Gurvinder Singh Gill.

The State of Punjab today filed an application to implead the Commissioner of Police, Delhi and the Union of India as Respondents in the writ petition.

The Haryana Police had filed an affidavit before the High Court through the Superintendent of Haryana Police, Kurukshetra stating that no Punjab Police official has been detained by them.

"That all the police officials of Punjab Police as alleged as detenues in the present criminal writ petition have not been detained by the Kurukshetra Police in any manner and till the filing of the present status report. These police officials were at their own, sitting in the room of SHO, P.S. Sadar Kurukshetra. They are being requested to proceed to their destination as no further action is required in the matter", the affidavit said.

The Haryana Police has also said that it stopped the Punjab Police convoy after getting a message from the Delhi Police about the kidnapping of Tejinder Bagga. After stopping the convoy, Superintendent of Police, Ambala who arrived at the scene informed the Deputy Commissioner of Police Delhi West, who informed that a team headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Delhi West will be dispatched from Delhi.

"That in order to avoid any untoward incident and as an abundant caution both the police teams i.e. Haryana and Punjab arrived at Sadar Police Station, Kurukshetra where both the teams waited for the Delhi Police to arrive", says the affidavit.

It is also stated in the affidavit that Delhi and Punjab Police teams deliberated on the issue and decided to hand over Bagga to Delhi Police. "That whereupon, the police teams of Delhi Police and Punjab Police deliberated on the issue and had discussions and decided among themselves to handover the custody to Delhi police team in pursuance to the above mentioned search warrant issued by the Delhi Court", as per the affidavit.

The affidavit also says that the allegations levelled in the writ petition by the State of Punjab are absolutely false, frivolous and baseless.

Yesterday, when the matter was listed before a Bench of Justice Lalit Batra, the Court had adjourned the matter to today, after recording the submission of the Haryana Police and that of the Delhi Police.

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