The Delhi High Court has found a man, identified as Uday Pal Singh, guilty of criminal contempt of court for posting a video on social media alleging misconduct by the judges of the Court.

A Division Bench of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait and Justice Manoj Jain viewed the video in question and concluded that Singh had clearly undermined the dignity of the Court with his remarks.

"..the video recording of the offending social media post was played before this Court. Upon hearing and watching the said video, we find that the respondent contemnor has, very evidently, lowered the dignity of the Court," the Bench remarked.

The Court held, "The afore-noted expression and the video posted by him in social media shows that the respondent has made contemptuous allegations against the Judges of this Court and has thereby lowered the dignity of the justice delivery system. Accordingly, we hereby hold him guilty under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971."

The sentencing for Singh is pending, and the matter is scheduled for further hearing on July 19 to determine the appropriate punishment.

The Court's decision stemmed from a Criminal Contempt Petition filed by Sudha Prasad against Uday Pal Singh. The dispute between Prasad and Singh revolves around a property of approximately two bighas in Village Chilla Sarod Bangar (now known as New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi), and different civil as well as criminal proceedings are pending against each other.

Singh's troubles began on August 24, 2022, when he posted a video on Facebook and Twitter lambasting the High Court's orders and making derogatory allegations against the judges. Some of Singh's comments in the video included accusing the judges of favoritism towards the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and condemning them for allegedly ruining the lives of the public by siding with the DDA.

The Petitioner that by posting said video, the respondent has willfully interfered in the work of the Court and obstructed in the administration of justice and also scandalized and lowered the authority of this Court. He contended that the video has specifically defamed the Judges of this Court and has alleged that he is disclosing the “true fate” of the Courts in front of “Janta ki Adaalat.” He prayed for a criminal contempt action against him(Contemnor) and to punish him in accordance with law.

On October 3, 2023, the Court had directed the respondent/contemnor to file an affidavit to show cause as to why criminal proceedings be not initiated against him.

"The contemnor has pleaded that his intention was neither to defame this Court nor the Judges of the Court nor to scandalise them to lower the majesty of the Court and has tendered unconditional apology," the Court noted.

Despite tendering an unconditional apology and claiming that his intentions were not to malign the Court or its judges, Singh's justifications were rejected by the Court. As a result, he has been ordered to appear physically on the day of sentencing, i.e., July 19.

The Court ordered, "Re-notify on 19.07.2024 for arguments on Sentence. The contemnor is directed to remain present physically before this Court on the next date of hearing."

Cause Title: Sudha Prasad v. Uday Pal Singh


Petitioner: Advocate Gagan Gandhi

Respondent: Advocates Kunal Khanna, Sonia Dhariwal

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