The Madras High Court has observed that many individuals through YouTube Channel platforms are propagating wrong and deceitful information affecting the mind of the common man.

Justice M. Dhandapani observed –

"It has come to the notice of this Court that very many individuals, using the YouTube Channel platform, are propagating wrong and deceitful information, which unsettles the mind of the common man. It is to be pointed that any digital media should be used for the good of the public and using the same to vent ire against any individuals or against constitutional functionaries and high officials in the State and Central Government would not only be a personal attack on their privacy and prestige but would also be damaging to the reputation of the said individuals and would also have a cascading effect on the work discharged by them."

Advocate M/s. Pradeep Jayaraman appeared for the Petitioner before the Court.

The Court had impleaded the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu as a party-respondent who had been entrusted with the task of floating the tender for the purpose of equipments with which the surveillance could be taken up of the social media platforms and to nip in the bud any slurring attacks that are vented out on individuals and on the constitutional functionaries and high officials.

The High Court had directed the constitution of Special Cells with the necessary infrastructure.

The Court further held –

"However, it is the duty of the law enforcing agencies to be more vigilant and go to the rescue of the affected persons, rather than putting it on the head of the Court to interfere in each and every single instance. Only with that view in mind this Court had constituted the Special Cells and, therefore, the operation of the Special Cells at the earliest is of utmost importance."

The matter has been listed for filing of a comprehensive report by the respondent and for the report of the Electronics Corporation of India with regard to the opening of the tender on November 2nd, 2022.

Cause Title – A. Maruthachalam v. State & Ors.

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