The Rajasthan High Court pulled up its Registry for making a Common Cause List for the substitute bench which was taking up the cases of the bench not holding the Court along with routine Court.

The bench of Justice Arun Monga was not pleased by the registry on the ‘Common Cause List’ where the cases of the substitute bench were intermingled with those of his Court.

The Court noted that the Cause List was 145 pages long with a mishmash of 1,609 cases, blurring the distinction between cases from two different benches, thus making it difficult to identify the cases previously under his Court.

The Court found the explanation by the Registrar that such amalgamation is a customary practice when cases are listed before a substitute Judge due to another Judge not holding the Court, non-satisfactory.

“Certain preemptive measures are needed to forestall such crises in the future and ensure the seamless operation of the Court,” the Court added.

Hence, the Court directed the Registry that when cases from another Bench are listed before a substitute Bench, the two cause lists must be distinctly delineated.

The Court further directed that the respective cause lists be designated as the routine list of the substitute Bench and the additional cause list of the Bench not holding the Court.

Before hearing the case at hand, the Court finally directed that both lists shall be published the same way as before, except that the substitute courtroom number and name of the substitute Judge would be mentioned on the second cause list.

Cause Title: Mitthan Lal Samariya v. State of Rajasthan


Adv. Tanwar Singh Rathore

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