Dreaded gangsters Sukhpreet Buddha and Amit Dagar of Bambiha group have moved Punjab & Haryana High Court alleging prison authorities are isolating them to break down mentally.

The accused have been convicted for the offences under Section 302 read with Section 34 IPC and Section 25 of the Arms Act.

Senior Advocate Bipan Ghai and Advocates Paras Talwar, Tushan Rawal along with Deepanshu Mehta will represent the petitioners.

A writ petition has been filed before the High Court alleging that the State Government wants to kill the Petitioners by depriving them of the basic necessities which are required for a human being.

The reason for depriving the basic amenities as alleged by the Petitioners is that the police of the State of Punjab want the Petitioners to be mentally de-razed and die their own death and the state is not blamed for their death.

The Petitioners have further alleged that they are not even allowed to even interact with other inmates and are not even provided newspapers, magazines, and other books as provided under the rules for the prisoners.

The Counsel for the Petitioners further pleaded the are not allowed watch television unlike other prisoners and are being kept in complete isolation and not even provided with basic facilities needed for survival.

They are cut off from the entire world which is violative under Article 21 of the Constitution, pleaded the Petitioners.

The Petitioners further argued that information and television play a crucial parole in bringing prisoners in the main stream of the civilized society and it would be hard and anti-thesis of international convention if a complete ban of viewing of TV is imposed.

Additionally, the Petitioners alleged that not only them but other prisoners under trial who were kept in high-security jail inside Central jail, Bathinda had revolted against the inhumane novel way of torturing the Petitioners and other inmates.

But no action has been taken by them and they are continuously finding new ways to torture the Petitioners and other inmates by isolating them and breaking them down mentally, the Petitioners contended.

The Petitioners argued that the prisoners can't be ceased to be human being and further they can't be deprived of their right to life and right to dignity.

Furthermore, the prison authorities who are entrusted to protect the under trial and prisoners inside the jail cannot indulge in committing serious human right violation in jails by isolating them to such a stage that they break down mentally and either kill themselves or die a torturous death.

The Petitioners have prayed for the provision of TV facility and sought directions to the Respondents to not commit novel types of torture on the Petitioners by breaking them down mentally.

Sukhpreet Buddha was extradited from Armenia when he was arrested by Interpol while Amit Dagar's name cropped up in the murder of International Kabaddi player Sandeep Singh Nangal Ambian.

The Petition is likely to come up for hearing on July 6.