A Public Interest Litigation has been filed before the Delhi High Court seeking action against persons fraudulently using 'Judge' parking stickers on their vehicles.

Petitioner Sanser Pal Singh, a Lawyer, has submitted that the fraudulent use of 'Judge' parking stickers is a serious matter and poses a security threat as such vehicles having such stickers are not subjected to the security check at the court premises.

In the petition, the petitioner has stated that there are several instances where he noticed the presence of cars with a 'Judge' parking sticker but it was subsequently found that no such sticker was issued by the authorities against the registration numbers of those vehicles. In his Petition, the Petitioner has given a list of registration numbers of such vehicles.

In two cases, it was found that the registration number of the vehicles indicated that they were taxi/cabs, the petition claimed. The petitioner said that he made complaints to the High Court administration and other concerned authorities on the issue but no action was taken.

The petitioner has also sought action against judicial officers who have obtained 'Judge' car parking stickers without following the applicable guidelines. The Petitioner has claimed that the use of such stickers illegally is a security threat.

The matter is likely to come up for a hearing next week.

With PTI inputs