The Delhi Police has told the Delhi High Court that periodic checks are being carried out throughout Delhi to ensure that no barricade remains unmanned. It further added that it shall make all possible endeavours to keep all the barricades manned.

The bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad was dealing with the Public Interest Litigation in respect of the unmanned barricades which are allegedly causing public nuisance.

Kirtiman Singh, CGSC appeared for Union of India, Santosh Kumar Tripathi, SC appeared for Delhi Government and Advocate Ajjay Aroraa for MCD.

On the last date of the hearing, the Delhi Police was directed to file a status report in respect of manned and unmanned barricades.

A detailed and exhaustive status report was filed thereafter by the Delhi Police in the matter.

“The status report reveals that for violation of Standing Order No.22/2022 disciplinary action in 51 cases has been initiated against the concerned Staff/SHOs and all barricades which are in place in Delhi are being manned by Delhi Police and the Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs).”, the Court noted.

It is stated that the barricades have been put up at 773 locations by the Delhi Police, out of which 714 are being manned by Delhi Police staff and barricades at 59 locations/colonies are being manned by the staff of respective RWAs.

The Court was also informed that Standing Order has been issued by Delhi Police Headquarters and a Circular has been issued by the Commissioner of Police/Crime, in order to ensure that the barricades put up by the Delhi Police or by the RWAs shall always remain manned.

Isha Pandey, DCP/South East District assured the Court of strict compliance of the aforesaid Standing Order issued by Delhi Police Headquarters and the aforesaid Circular issued by the Commissioner of Police/Crime.

Thus the Court observed that no further orders are required to be passed.

“In light of the aforesaid, no further orders are required to be passed in the matter. The petition is disposed of, along with pending application(s), if any.”, the Court held.

Cause Title- Court on its own motion v. Commissioner of Police & Ors

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