The Madras High Court has issued notice in a Writ Petition filed by the President of Sufi Islamic Board, R.R.Noor Mohammed seeking the removal of A.B.Rafiulla, the CEO and Ex-Officio Secretary of the Tamil Nadu waqf board, inter alia for "colluding with radical elements" and for permitting Tablighi Meeting of the Tablighi Jamath for spreading Deobandi school of radical Islam in premises of notified Waqf under his management.

The Bench of Acting Cheif Justice T. Raja and Justice D. Krishnakumar issue notice on the Petition on Monday while posting the matter to October 17, 2022.

In the Petition filed through Advocate M. Ramamoorthi, the Petitioner has averred that the CEO has been appointed only on the basis of the recommendation of the Chairman of the Board without conducting the mandatory consultation with the Board. "Further, the Chairman, the fourth respondent herein has no authority to recomnend any one to be made the CEO more especially in the face of stipulations of Section 23 of Waqf Act, 1995 which is the exclusive preserve of the 2nd respondent Board", the plea says.

It has been avered that Abdur Rahman, the Chairman of the Board, is de-railing the enquiry against the Waqf Staff who have links with radical groups.

It has been pleaded that the office of Tamil Nadu Waqf Board is under the influence of the said Abdur Rahman and his acquaintances from Muslim Political Parties and other Islamic Radical Organizations.

The Petitioner has sought directions from the Court to the State of Tamil Nadu to consider his representation wherein he had requested the State to take action against the CEO and Abdur Rahman, the Chairman.

The Petition states that after removing Dr. D. Faritha Banu from the position of the CEO of the Tamil Nadu Waqf Board, Abdur Rahman got one of his favorite official, Vaseer Ahamed Labbai, the Assistant Secretary of the Board, as the CEO In- Charge of the Tamil Nadu Waqf Board in violation of Section 23 of the Waqf Act, 1995.

"The appointment of fourth respondent (Abdur Rahman) clearly shows that competent Muslim Officers have been deliberately ignored as it serves the purpose of the fourth respondent. The procedure adopted is per-se violative of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution, as it denies the right of consideration for appointment of eligible persons.", the Petition says.

The Petition says that the Chairman of the Board had served as a Vice President of the controversial Dubai Islarnic Bank, which funneled terror funds for the 9/11 New York Twin Tower Bombings and the 26/11 bombing in Mumbai. "The victirns of 9/11 terrorist attack have also filed law suits against the Dubai Islamic Bank due to which UAE threatened to end relations with USA. The fourth respondent having received his training in the Dubai Islamic bank, which has funded the terror attacks in USA and in lndia, he is adopting a skill full maneuvere of his schemes in the second respondent Waqf Board with ulterior motives", petition says.

The Petitioner has prayed for an interim stay of all proceedings of the CEO of two dates as he had no qualification to be appointed as the CEO of the Board.

Cause Title- RR Noor Mohammed v. State of Tamil Nadu & Ors.