The Madras High Court on Tuesday directed the State to submit an interim report on the investigation in respect of the alleged scam in the "Amma Cement Supply Scheme".

The Bench comprising Acting Chief Justice T. Raja and Justice D. Bharatha Chakravarthy also observed that a comprehensive investigation needs to be done in the matter.

This comes after Petitioner R.Yogeshwaran, a political activist belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party, approached the High Court alleging irregularities resulting in huge corruption in the "Amma Cement Supply Scheme" in the Kundadam Panchayat Union of Dharapuram Taluk, Tiruppur District.

Senior Advocate S. Ravi instructed by Advocate M. Ramamoorthi appeared for the petitioner.

The Court wanted to know from the Government as to what action has been taken in respect of the alleged scam in implementation of the Scheme.

The Government Pleader told the Court that an FIR has been registered and two officials have been suspended and produced copies of the the said suspension order.

The Bench pointed out that FIR has been registered against a contract employee and observed that a complete investigation needs to be done. The Court ordered private notice to the ninth respondent, who is official concerned, who has been impleaded in his personal capacity.

Amma Cement Supply Scheme is a state government scheme that has been framed for supply of cement to lower and middle income groups at a concessional rate.

The petitioner submitted that he has come to know that the records have been destroyed in respect of the "Amma Cement supply scheme" from 2014 to 2019 at the godown of the Kundadam Panchayat union.

The petitioner has alleged that a false document has been created in the godown of "Amma Cement Supply Scheme" for Kundadam Panchayat Union to the effect that 15 beneficiaries have been supplied with "Amma Cement" in Kundadam Panchayat Union.

He submitted that none of them were supplied with the "Amma Cement" as per the scheme.

The petition read that the godown records state that 577 bags of cement have been distributed to the beneficiaries and signed by all the officers concerned.

The petitioner submitted that the officers concerned have signed the name of one R.Velusamy instead of the beneficiary Karuppasamy to tally the aforesaid 577 bags of cement as if they have been distributed to the beneficiaries, while none of the beneficiaries have been distributed with the cement bags.

The petitioner stated that he made representations to concerned authorities to take necessary action in respect of the irregularities being carried out in the "Amma Cement Supply Scheme" at Kundadam Panchayat Union, however, no action was taken.

Thus the petitioner has prayed for directions to the Superintendent of Police to investigate the matter with regards to the involvement of the Government Employees in the disappearance of 4217 bags of cement meant for the beneficiaries of Kundadam Panchayat Union under the Scheme.

Cause Title- R.Yogeshwaran v. State of TN & Ors.