The Madras High Court has taken a serious view of the incident where the auditorium within the precincts of the High Court was turned into a litter after the Enrolment Ceremony held by the Bar Council.

"SUP, garlands, papers, etc. were strewn not only before the Auditorium, but around the entire campus. This is a very serious matter which requires attention. The Enrolment ceremony is now turning into a festivity, thereby losing the solemnity and dignity associated to the noble profession.", the bench of Justice S. Vaidyanathan and Justice P.T. Asha observed.

The Court observed that such functions were attended by the family members, relatives and friends of the candidates which caused overcrowding and littering.

"These functions are attended not only by the candidates, but also by their family members, relatives and friends, which contributes to not only over-crowding of the place, but also littering the area.", the Court observed.

Thus, the Court directed the Bar Council to submit a Report as to how they would ensure that, the Enrolment Ceremony is conducted with only the candidates.

The Court held thus "The Bar Council should therefore submit a Report as to how they would ensure that, the Enrolment Ceremony is conducted with only the candidates, without the presence of the family members/relatives and friends not only at the place where the enrolment takes, but nowhere near the premises of the Courts and its surroundings. The Bar Council shall also ensure that, candidates alone should attend the function without obstructing the free movement inside and outside the court premises as well as the public road."

The Court directed the Bar Council to provide the Court with the Rules that they propose to have for the smooth conduct of the ceremony before or at the next hearing.

This comes after the Court had given instructions to the Bar Council and the Bar Associations to ensure that the High Court should march forward towards an eco-friendly and a Plastic Free Zone. However, the Court noted that the entire place was turned into a litter zone after the Enrolment Ceremony.

"Since this Court is working towards achieving a plastic-free zone within the High Court premises and City Civil Court premises, on the next hearing date, the Standing Counsel appearing for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board as also any one Office Bearer of various Associations, viz. Madras Bar Association, Madras High Court Advocates' Association, Law Association, Women Lawyers' Association shall appear before the Court.", the Court held while posting the matter for further hearing on November 1, 2022.

Cause Title- Review Application No.89 of 2019

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