After the recent row on the 'Kodathi Vilakku' involving the Official Memorandum issued by the High Court against the use of that name for an event at the Guruvayur Temple, a Lawyer of the Kerala High Court has written to the Registrar General of the High Court against holding celebrations of Christmas, Easter, Ramzan etc inside the High Court premises.

The High Court had earlier objected to the use of the name 'Kodathi Vilakku' (Temple Lamp) stating that "As secular democratic institutions under the Constitution, the courts cannot be seen engaging in activities that promote any particular religion".

The letter addressed by Advocate J S Ajith Kumar to the High Court refers to the Office Memorandum regarding Kodathi Vilakku and says that "To avoid any discriminatory practice and to maintain the secular image of the High Court of Kerala as well as judiciary, by an august institution like the High Court, appropriate directions be issued not to hold such religious functions within the High Court premises".

The Lawyer has through his letter of Tuesday sought appropriate, immediate orders from the Registrar in this regard.

The High Court had through the official memorandum advised the Judicial Officers in Thrissur District not to actively involve themselves in the organizing of the 'Kodathi Vilakku' event. The Court had said that the use of the name 'Kodathi Vilakku' is unacceptable as it gives an impression that the Courts are in some way connected with the organizing of the event.

The memorandum was issued based on the instructions of the Judge in charge of the Thrissur District, Justice A. K. Jayasankaran Nambiar.

However, the event that was held on Sunday was organised under the same name 'Kodathi Vilakku' and it saw larger than usual participation by lawyers, court staff, clerks and other devotees. Many retired and sitting Judges of the High Court visited the Temple during the event.