The Kerala High Court has directed the State Government to take a decision on the proposal recommending enhancement of the age of superannuation of High Court staff.

Justice Devan Ramachandran was dealing with a plea seeking direction to the State to permit the petitioner and other members of the Kerala High Court service attaining age of superannuation at 56 years to continue in service.

Advocate P. Deepak appeared for the petitioner.

The Court noticed that a Committee of Judges have settled a report, recommending enhancement of the age of superannuation of its staff which makes the unequivocal recommendation that the services of its experienced staff are required to be utilised during the transitory stage.

The Court was informed that, the aforementioned 'transitory stage' begins from January 1, 2023.

T.B.Hood, Special Government Pleader, informed that the afore proposal is in the active consideration of the Government and that an apposite decision will be taken thereon without any avoidable delay.

He added that, in fact, the Court has already made the retirement of the petitioners in two other cases, subject to the result of the said writ petitions.

The Court observed that on one side, it is obligatory on the Government to consider the proposal of the Court in its proper perspective; while, on the other, the requirement of experienced staff for it, during the transitory period, is unexpendable.

Thus the Court held "To obtain a balance, I am certain that Government must take a decision on Ext.P3 at the earliest, keeping in mind the above important aspects, especially that the "transitory stage" is commencing soon."

Cause Title- Sajeev Kumar v. State of Kerala & Ors.

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