The Division Bench of the Kerala High Court comprising of Chief Justice S Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chaly dismissed a Writ Petition that had been filed for 3 reliefs. The reliefs sought were:

1) To establish a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court in all the High Courts of the country to hear only the cases of the poor and the destitute.

2) Direct the Central Government to take steps to enhance the retirement age of the judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts, and all the judicial officers of the country to 75 years.

3) Direct the Central Government to take steps to ensure that judicial officers in the country shall not accept any post in the government after retirement.

The Petitioner contended before the Court that the Government should make the retirement age of judicial officers at 75 years, if necessary by amending the Constitution; order should be passed to that effect that judicial offices shall not accept any post under the Government or otherwise after their retirement from service and also an order may be passed by the Court to that effect; besides that order should be in force till statutory provision is made in this regard; a Division Bench should be established in all the High Courts in the country for the poor people.

It was submitted by the Petitioner that the implementation of these 3 prayers is necessary for crores of people in the country. He also submitted that those Judges who were hand in glove with the criminals in his own cases, got post-retirement postings and there were Judges, who were not directly hands in glove with criminals, but they also indulged in nepotism and stood by the malice powers.

Therefore, the Petitioner submitted that if it is ensured that the Government cannot influence the judiciary, it will boost the faith of the people in the judiciary.

The High Court dismissed the Petition by holding that "Though the petitioner – party-in-person has alleged that some of the judges were hand in glove with the criminals and obtained post retirement postings, which allegations are very serious, having regard to the reliefs sought for, we are not inclined to advert to the same and no direction in the nature of mandamus as prayed for, can be granted."

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