The Kerala High Court constituted a committee to curb the pollution in and around Periyar River.

Chief Justice A.J. Desai and Justice V.G. Arun directed the establishment of the committee consisting of the Secretary of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change from the Government of Kerala, the Regional Director of the Central Pollution Control Board, Regional Directorate, Bangalore, and the Chairman of the Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

Advocate K.K. Lashkar appeared for the Appellant and Government Pleader and Advocates Dinesh R. Shenoy, George Cherian, Lal K. Joseph and T. Naveen appeared for the Respondents.

The Court observed that neither the committee established following the 2020 order of the National Green Tribunal nor the Central Pollution Control Board or the Kerala State Pollution Control Board had effectively mitigated pollution in and around the Periyar river.

Moreover, the Court emphasised that the evidence presented by the Amicus Curiae, including photographs and reports, clearly speaks itself about the alarming extent of pollution in the river caused by hazardous industrial effluents, posing significant threats to both human health and the local flora and fauna.

The Court also directed the committee to visit all the places already visited by the Amicus Curiae.

It further asked the committee to ensure that representatives of the Petitioner Periyar Malineekarana Virudha Samithi as well as Amicus Curiae accompany them during visits.

Finally, the Court directed the committee to file their report containing suggestions and action to be taken to curb the pollution in the Periyar river.

Cause Title: Periyar Malineekarana Virudha Samithi v. State of Kerala


Appellant: Adv. K.K. Ashkar and Adv. Ashura Mohamed Ashrof

Respondent: Adv. Dinesh R. Shenoy, Adv. R. V. Rahul, Adv. Lijin Thamban, Adv. George Cherian, Adv. Lal K. Joseph and Standing Counsel T. Naveen

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