A practicing Advocate of the Kerala High Court has filed a contempt petition against Kerala Police officers for allegedly violating orders of the Supreme Court by handcuffing Advocate Panambil Jayakumar who was taken into custody by theKarunagapally Police in relation to a road accident.

The arrest of the Advocate had the alleged assault on him while in custody had led to protests across the state by Advocates and boycotting of Courts. On Wednesday, the Additional Director General of Police issued an order suspending four Police officers, including Station House Officer Gopakumar G.

Today the matter was listed before the Bench of Justice A.K.Jayasankaran Nambiar and Justice Mohammed Nias C.P., when the Special Public Prosecutor took notice on behalf of the Respondents.

The Petition stated "The Respondents herein blatantly violated the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in President, Citizens for Democracy v. State of Assam and Others reported in 1996 KHC 3394:1995 (3) SCC (743). The blatant violation of law is deliberate and wilful disobedience of the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. By handcuffing a practicing advocate the Respondents has directly challenged the Authority of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and the Rule of Law."

The Petition also stated that the police by handcuffing the advocate inside the police station "literally slapped the Hon'ble Supreme Court on its face" and by handcuffing a practicing advocate has directly and undoubtedly challenged the might and majesty of Justice.

It further added that while the state makes its inquiry into the incident, a glaring violation of the law cannot be brushed as any other incident.

The Petitioner-Yeshwanth Shenoy has prayed to the Court to summon the Respondents-Police Officials and to punish them for contempt of court.

This comes after lawyers of the Kollam Bar Association and Kerala High Court Advocates Association had protested against the Police for allegedly assaulting Advocate Panambil Jayakumar in the Karunagapally Police Station.

As per Lawyers, the Advocate was taken to custody on September 5 and assaulted while inside the Police station.

A Police vehicle was damaged in the protest by lawyers inside the Court complex in Kollam and the Police alleged that a Sub Inspector was injured in the incident. The Police have registered a case against 65 lawyers in relation to the incident.

The Bar Council of Kerala had also called for protests by lawyers across the state against the alleged police excess. The lawyers of the Kerala High Court had conducted a protest march outside the High Court building and wore protest badges in Court.