The Kerala High Court has requested the State Police Chief to appear before it on January 18 virtually after a viral video of a police officer shouting at and using abusive language against a lawyer in a Police Station was brought to the Court's notice.

The Bench of Justice Devan Ramachandran noted in the order that the police officer concerned appears to have disregarded circulars issued by the State Police Chief and that same is unacceptable.

It is noted in the order that Advocate Dhanuja.M.S. appearing for the Petitioner in the case, brought to the notice of the Court that a recent event has taken place somewhere in Alathur, Palakkad, which, according to her, has been widely noticed through media- that a police officer used abusive vocatives, prohibited by the High Court, against an individual, who happens to be an advocate.

The Court was considering a Contempt Petition arising out of the Judgment of the Court passed on September 3, 2021, whereby the Court had directed the State Police Chief to issue necessary instructions, by way of a Circular or otherwise, to all members of the Force under his command that "they shall address the citizens using acceptable vocatives and shall not use the aforementioned or such other words or phrases".

"...if the submissions of Smt.Dhanuja is correct, then the conduct of the officer concerned, in using vocatives which are prohibited, is not merely an affront to the directions of this Court in the judgment in WP(C)No.11880/2021, but also against the circular issued by the State Police Chief, bearing No.25/2021 dated 10.09.2021", the Court noted in today's order.

The Court observed that though the earlier judgment of the Court is stated to be wholly complied with, instances as afore submitted still appear to be happening and that is why the Contempt Petition has been kept pending, for obtaining reports from the Police Chief from time to time.

"No doubt, the State Police Chief must inform this Court about the truth of the afore assertions of Smt.Dhanuja; but it is rather distressing that the imperative requirement of the police officers to act in a civilised manner to the citizen, requires to be stated and restated every now and then. The State Police Chief must keep in mind that it is not sufficient that circulars are issued, but that they are implemented in its letter and spirit, through appropriate measures", the Court observed.

The Court noted, "If the afore incident is true, then it really shows that even circulars of the State Police Chief are disregarded by officers under him".

"Since this matter involves public concern, I request the State Police Chief to appear before this Court online at 1.45 A.M. on 18.01.2024, for an interaction to take stock of the future cause of action, for which, his inputs will certainly be valuable", the Court said in its order.

Cause Title: Mahesh R. v. Anilkant IPS (Contempt Case (C). 869 of 2024)

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