The Gauhati High Court has convicted an Advocate for criminal contempt over his derogatory remarks made against an Additional District Judge.

The bench of Justice Kalyan Rai Surana and Justice Devashis Baruah held that “…in view of the plea of guilty taken by the respondent/contemnor, we hereby convict the respondent contemnor on his plea of guilty being taken, as per the provision of section 14 of the Courts Act, 1971.”

The accused-Advocate had filed a petition under section 24 CPC which was pending before the Court of Additional District Judge, wherein he stated that the presiding officer has been presiding the Court by wearing jewelry like a Model in Ramp and that each and every occasion she tried to overpower/depress the advocates by citing unnecessary case laws and sections of statues without hearing the advocates and tries to control the Court room behaving like a Gangue.

He also alleged that the judicial officer collects eatables from Majuli district through her office assistant and also uses official driver and car for personal work. He also compared her to a mythical character in Purana/ Mahabharat, known as bhasmasur.

The accused-Advocate in the affidavit filed by him admitted that he has committed the crime due to insufficient knowledge in Law and its practice and hence he tendered his unconditional apology as this is his first crime and he assured the Court that he shall never repeat this type of crime in future.

The Court convicted the Advocate as per the provision of section 14 of the Courts Act, 1971.

“…the respondent/contemnor shall submit a personal bond for a sum of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) for being released on bail.”, the Court said.

Cause Title- XXX v. In Re-Utpal Goswami

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