The Madras High Court has issued directives to key government officials to form a High-Level Secret Committee tasked with overseeing police officers suspected of collusion with drug offenders in Tamil Nadu.

While acknowledging the state's efforts to curb the proliferation of drugs, the Division Bench of Justice P Velmurugan and Justice K Rajasekar emphasized the pivotal role of vigilant and efficient policing in combating the illicit drug trade.

Consequently, the Court proposed the establishment of the secret committee to ensure enhanced monitoring of such police personnel.

The Bench has directed the Chief Secretary to Government, Secretary to Government, Home Department, State of Tamil Nadu, and the Director General of Police, Chennai, to promptly constituting the High-Level Secret Committee comprising officers of integrity. This committee is mandated to closely monitor police officials suspected of collusion with drug offenders, thereby bolstering the state's efforts to combat the illicit drug trade and uphold public safety.

The Court remarked, "No doubt, from a perusal of the materials placed by the learned Additional Public Prosecutor, the Government of Tamil Nadu has taken effective steps to control the free movement of the drugs. However, we are of the view that if the police officials are more vigilant and taken effective steps, the free movement of the drugs is impossible."

The Court's decision stemmed from a Writ Petition filed by a resident of Madurai, urging for the establishment of a Police Outpost in Iyappan Nagar and Neelamega Nagar, enhanced measures to curb drunk driving, and stricter enforcement against the transportation and sale of narcotics, particularly Ganja.

The Petitioner cited an incident involving individuals intoxicated by alcohol and drugs, disturbing public peace, and engaging in violent altercations. The Petitioner also highlighted the public's reluctance to report such incidents due to perceived police inaction.

In response, the police refuted the allegations, informing the Court of the registration of a criminal case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the accused individuals involved in the aforementioned incident. All the accused were reportedly apprehended and placed in judicial custody.

The court acknowledged the State's efforts in handling Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) cases, noting the registration of 49 cases over the past five years, resulting in the arrest of 78 individuals and the seizure of 1070.670 kg of contraband. Additionally, the Court highlighted the state's initiative to monitor accused individuals through the maintenance of history sheets by a dedicated team.

"Therefore, the Chief Secretary to Government, Secretary to Government, Home Department, State of Tamil Nadu, and the Director General of Police, Chennai, are directed to constitute a High Level Secret Committee consisting of the officers of integrity to monitor / closely watch the police officials who are suspected to be hand in glove with the drug offenders," the Court ordered.

Consequently, the Court affirmed that the allegations of police inaction lacked merit, deeming the Petitioner's grievances sufficiently addressed. Accordingly, the plea was disposed of.

Cause Title: G. Theeran Thirumurugan @ Thirumurugan v. State of Tamil Nadu and Others


Petitioner: Advocate R. Alagumani

Respondent: Advocates R. Sureshkumar, T. Senthil Kumar

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