The Delhi High Court on Friday granted an interim bail of 45 days to a petitioner, acknowledging the fact that he is now a father of a newly born child, and wanted to meet the baby and further make arrangements for funds for his wife.

“Keeping in view the entire circumstances, and the fact that petitioner is now a father of a newly born child, and has a moment to cherish his life as a father, petition is allowed and the petitioner is admitted to interim bail for a period of 45 days from the date of his release…”, a bench of Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar observed in the matter.

Advocate Priyank Kaushik appeared for the petitioner, and Advocate Amit Ahlawat, APP appeared for the State.

In the petition under Section 439 CrPC the petitioner sought an interim bail for a period of 45 days stating that his wife has delivered a baby boy on May 26, 2023.

He had further submitted that his wife is weak, and is not able to take care of the newly born child properly.

Furthermore, that the petitioner being the father wanted to meet his new born baby and would also want to make arrangements of funds for his wife and new born baby.

On his submission that he would surrender at the end of the expiry of the interim bail period and would not seek any further extension, and the fact that the State did not raise any objections to the relief sought, the bench accordingly, granted bail subject to certain restrictions.

Cause Title: Karim v. State NCT Of Delhi Through Standing Counsel Criminal

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