The Appellate Side of the Bombay High Court has notified that e-filing will be made mandatory w.e.f. January 9, 2023, for filing Arbitration Cases and Criminal Matters. The Notice contains the decision of the Computer Committee of the High Court mandating e-filing of cases under the following categories :

1) Criminal Writ Petition

2) Criminal APL U/s 482 of Cr.P.C.

3) Criminal APPLN

4) Criminal APPEAL

5) Criminal ALP

6) Criminal Revision (Leave to file Appeal–Private)

7) Second APPEAL

8) Miscellaneous Civil Application

9) Arbitration Petition

10) Contempt Petition (Civil)

E-filing of new cases in these classes would include all responses / replies, rejoinders, miscellaneous documents and all applications”, reads the Notice dated December 30, 2022 issued for the Advocates and the parties appearing in person.

Similarly, the High Court on its Original Side had earlier mandated e-filing for (i) all cases in the Commercial Division and (ii) all types of cases concerning Direct and Indirect Tax and Non-Commercial Arbitration cases, including all responses/replies, rejoinders, miscellaneous documents and all applications with effect from January 2, 2023.

Earlier, a Division Bench of Justice GS Patel and Justice SG Dige of the High Court issued a slew of directions on the administrative side to reduce paper inflow in the Court proceedings and make the process of listing more efficient. The directions, though on an experimental basis and temporary basis, directed usage of the online Google Form, instead of praecipes.

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