The Delhi High Court directed the relocation of Ghazipur and Bhalaswa Dairies as they were located next to Sanitary landfill Sites.

The Court stated that cattle in dairies next to landfill sites feed on hazardous waste which has serious consequences for those who feed on that milk.

The bench of Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora directed the relocation of the Ghazipur and Bhalaswa Dairy and observed, “Cattle in the dairies situated next to the landfill sites, without doubt, would feed on hazardous waste and their milk if consumed by humans, particularly children, (directly or indirectly) could have serious consequences…..there is urgent need to rehabilitate and relocate the Ghazipur Dairy and Bhalaswa Dairy forthwith as they are located next to the Sanitary Landfill Sites (‘SLFS’).”

Senior Advocate Vivek Sibal appeared for the Appellant.

Brief Facts-

The Court Commissioner stated that administering Oxytocin to cattle for milk let-down is animal cruelty, a cognizable offence under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, of 1960. The Department of Drugs Control is directed to conduct weekly inspections to prevent spurious Oxytocin usage. Offences are to be registered under relevant acts and investigated by police stations. The Delhi Police Intelligence Department is tasked with identifying sources of spurious Oxytocin and taking legal action.

The Court noted that though according to the Court Commissioner, the conditions in all the nine designated dairy colonies in Delhi, namely, Kakrola Dairy, Goela Dairy, Nangli Shakrawati Dairy, Jharoda Dairy, Bhalaswa Dairy, Ghazipur Dairy, Shahbad Daulatpur Dairy, Madanpur Khadar Dairy and Masoodpur Dairy are bad.

The Court directed that the dairies should be relocated to areas where there is proper sewage, drainage, biogas plant, ample open space for the cattle to move around and enough grazing area.

The Court stated that dairies next to the landfill sites can cause illness and public health hazards.

The Court directed the Commissioner (MCD), Director of Veterinary (MCD), Chief Secretary (GNCTD), CEO (DUSIB) and CEO (FSSAI) to join the proceedings by way of an audio-video link on the next date of hearing to hear from the officials as to how its directions should be implemented.

The Court stated that the officials should explore the possibility of the availability of land where the dairies could be rehabilitated and relocated.

The Court listed the matter for further hearing.

Cause Title: Sunayana Sibal v. Govt. Of NCT of Delhi (Neutral Citation: 2024:DHC:3527-DB)


Appellant: Sr. Adv. Vivek Sibal, Adv. Smriti Sinha, Adv. Esha Dutta, Adv. Shaalini Agrawal and Adv. Shriyanshi Pathak

Respondent: Adv. Nipun Katyal, Adv. Anam Siddiqui, Adv. Naved Ahmed, Adv. Rakesh Chaudhary, Adv. Sushaar Chaudhary, Adv. Rajat Sharma, Adv. Nalin Hingorani, Standing Counsel for MCD Manu Chaturvedi and Standing Counsel For DUSIB Parvinder Chauhan

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