The Delhi High Court has stayed an eviction notice issued to the widow of a Doctor who passed away in June 2020, while on covid duty.

The Bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh was hearing a writ petition filed by the widow.

Mr. Gauvrav Gupta appeared for the Petitioner while Ms. Sushmita Singh appeared for the NCT of Delhi.

The plea of the Petitioner was that the deceased had taken a home loan and due to his demise, the loan could not be repaid and a dispossession notice had been issued against the widow. The Petitioner sought a stay of the eviction notice as their securitization application was not getting listed due to the non-functioning of the Debt Recovery Tribunal.

The Court during the hearing asked whether the family had received the ex gratia amount of Rs. 1 Crore that the government of NCT of Delhi had promised to the families of Doctors who died on the line of duty.

To this, the Petitioner responded that they have submitted the application but haven't received the amount

The Court stayed the eviction notice and directed the Counsel for Delhi to take instructions in relation to processing the ex gratia amount.