The Delhi High Court has directed the parties involved in a criminal case to plant 10 trees in their locality and look after them for a period of 10 years.

This comes after the parties had approached the Court seeking the quashing of criminal proceedings based on mutual settlement between the parties.

However the Court noted that considerable time of police and judiciary was wasted, thus Justice Jasmeet Singh directed the parties to plant trees.

“…each of the petitioners shall plant 10 trees in their locality and will look after them with all proper care for a further period of 10 years. The trees shall be planted near their residence in consultation with the I.O. concerned, who shall inform about the place for planting the same in consultation with the concerned Horticulture Department of the MCD.”, the Court directed.

As per the FIR, the complaint was predicated on a fight over petting pigs. The altercation ensued between the parties which resulted in the FIR being registered under Section 323/506/509/354/354B/34 of the Indian penal Code.

During the pendency of the proceedings, the parties have arrived at a settlement, pursuant to which the complainant settled the dispute with the petitioners and the respondents decided to put a quietus to the disputes and to assist in quashing the present FIR and do not wish to pursue the matter any further.

Advocate KS Choudhary appeared for the petitioners whereas APP Ajay Vikram Singh appeared for the State.

The Court noted that the parties arrived at the above-said settlement out of their own free will and without any undue influence, threat, pressure or coercion. It further noted that the respondents state that they have no objection if the present FIR is quashed.

The Court observed that “However, in the present case, the FIR is of the year 2017. Not only the Police have investigated the entire matter but also have filed the charge sheet. Considerable time of the police has also been wasted on issues which should not have escalated to this extent. In addition, valuable judicial time has also been wasted. Even though the parties have settled their disputes and quashing will put a quietus to the matter, the petitioners must do some social good.”

Thus the Court directed them to plant trees.

The Court, subject to the directions made above, quashed the case.

Cause Title- Latoori Singh & Ors v. State of NCT of Delhi

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