The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi Police to provide all assistance to a minor rape victim and her mother to get medical treatment for termination of pregnancy of the victim.

The Bench of Justice Jasmeet Singh directed in a petition filed by the victim's mother seeking the arrest of the accused, "The SHO PS Sultanpuri is directed to provide all assistance to the petitioner and her minor daughter (victim) to get medical treatment for termination of pregnancy, if the victim so desires".

The Petitioner, mother of the victim, through Advocate M.K. Verma informed the Court that the minor child is wanting to terminate the pregnancy but the police is not cooperating to terminate the pregnancy in a Government hospital where the Petitioner and her minor daughter want to preserve the sample of the foetus for matching it with DNA profiling with the blood sample of the accused.

The Bench also directed the police to ensure that the foetus sample is preserved for DNA profiling.

The Court on Monday directed the SHO and IO PS Sultanpuri to be present in Court today.

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