The Delhi High Court has granted bail to a physically disabled man who has been accused in a cheating case.

The bench of Justice Amit Mahajan while granting bail noted that the accused and his wife has physical disability and that they have a girl child aged 18 months.

In this case, it was alleged that forged documents were received by the Power Ministry showing that the false claim has been made by a firm named M/s Goldcoat Solar, that it has been allowed to construct a solar power plant.

In an investigation being carried out, it was revealed that the WhatsApp message which was received by the Ministry was sent from a mobile phone having an IP Address at Hong Kong.

It was revealed that the telecom company had unlawfully issued 1700 SIM cards in connivance with one lady of Chinese origin.

It was further revealed that a fraudulent scheme in the name of production of renewable energy was being floated and money was cheated by alluring many people who invested in the said scheme.

The money was ultimately transferred into the account of one HB Group, Nagpur and the accused / applicant is stated to be the Director of the said HB Group.

Advocates N.S. Dalal and Devesh Pratap appeared for the accused whereas APP Priyanka Dalal appeared for the State.

The Court noted that the account in which the money was deposited has already been frozen. The Court further noted that any further investigation does not require custodial interrogation.

Thus the Court held thus “Without considering further, the merits of the case and keeping in mind the peculiar fact of the case, that is the disability of the applicant and his wife to the extent of 78% and 80% respectively and the fact that he has a girl child aged 18 months, I am satisfied that the applicant has made out a case for grant of regular bail…”.

The Court ordered that the accused shall not leave the city and shall drop a pin on the google maps application to indicate his location to the concerned IO/SHO.

Cause Title- Bablu Moreshwar Lawatre v. State (Govt. of NCT of Delhi)

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