The Delhi High Court has asked the staff of the Court, Advocates and litigants to wear face mask at all times in the premises of the Court owing to the spread of Covid-19 virus.

The Court has directed everyone to follow appropriate Covid protocols to avoid any further spread of virus.

“Hon'ble the Chief Justice has been pleased to order that due to surge in the Covid-19 cases in the NCT of Delhi, in order to contain and combat the spread of Covid-19 cases, all the concerned i.e. Staff working in this Court and Members of the Bar, including their staff and the litigants are hereby directed to make use of face mask at all times in the premises of this Court as a matter of caution, not to gather in large number at common areas, waiting areas of Court blocks as far as possible and follow appropriate Covid protocols in letter and spirit to avoid any further spread of the virus”, the Circular dated April 20 reads.

“All the registrars/OSDs/Co-ordinator, DIAC/Joint Registrars (Judicial)/Private Secretaries to Hon'ble the Chief Justice and Hon’ble Judges are hereby requested to ensure that the directions issued from time to time to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus are strictly followed by officers/officials under their control.”, the circular issued by Registrar General Ravinder Dudeja added.

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