The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to RAPIDO (Roppen Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd.) over accessibility barriers for the visually impaired users.

A writ petition was filed for a direction to RAPIDO to address the issues faced by the visually impaired persons.

A Single Bench of Justice Subramonium Prasad directed, “On payment of process fee, let notice be issued to the Respondents through all permissible modes, including Dasti.”

Advocate Rahul Bajaj appeared for the petitioners while none appeared for the respondents.

In this case, an application was filed, according to which the accessibility barriers prevented the petitioners from travelling from their offices to their houses on a daily basis. The visually impaired users cannot independently cancel a ride and cannot track the location of the driver.

Such persons or users cannot message drivers from within the app and a number of critical buttons in the app were unlabelled, such as for selection of vendors for making payment and hence, these buttons were inaccessible. As per the petitioners, there were multiple updates of the mobile application, both in the iOS and the Android versions but despite the same, not a single issue flagged by them was resolved.

The High Court in the above regard ordered, “Issue notice. … Reply, if any, be filed before the next date of hearing.”

Accordingly, the Court listed the case on April 2, 2024.

Cause Title- Amar Jain and Anr. v. Roppen Transportation Services Pvt. Ltd. (RAPIDO) and Ors.


Petitioners: Advocates Rahul Bajaj Pritthish Roy and Mahoor Ghani.

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