The Telangana High Court on December 23 issued a circular directing the District Judiciary to not host and organise the religious functions and ceremonies in the Court premises.

The Registrar General of the High Court earlier in the references cited issued circular instructions instructing all the Judicial Officers in the State not to use the Court premises for religious functions/ religious ceremonies and the functions organized by the Courts should be avoided.

It is mentioned in the circular that it is brought to the notice of the High Court that religious functions or religious ceremonies are organised in the Court premises of the District Judiciary.

The circular stated, "The High Court having considered the present scenario, viewed it very seriously and reiterates the earlier circular instructions issued in the references cited directing all the Unit Heads in the State to see that no religious functions / religious ceremonies and functions organised by the Courts, are organized in Court Premises by the Advocates / Bar Associations and others in future. Further, all the Unit Heads are directed to instruct the Judicial Officers working under their control to follow the instructions scrupulously."

It has also been clarified through the circular that if there will be a failure of the abovementioned directions, the same would be viewed seriously.

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