Swapna Suresh, an accused in the Kerala Gold Smuggling Case, has made startling claims in a Bail Application that has been filed by her before the Kerala High Court.

Swapna and Sarith.P.S, another accused in the case, have approached the High Court seeking anticipatory bail in an FIR registered against her on the complaint of the MLA and former Minister K. T. Jaleel under Sections 120 B and 153 of the IPC alleging that Swapna has spread rumours and made false statements against him and the Chief Minister, thereby attempting to incite people for rioting.

In the said Petition filed through Advocate R. Krishna Raj, Swapna has claimed that one Shaji Kiran came to her office as instructed by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan asking her to retract her statement given before the Judicial First Class Magistrate III, Ernakulam under Section 164 of the CrPC.

She says that Shaji Kiran is known to her as being close to the Chief Minister and was earlier introduced to her by M. Shivshankar, the former Principal Secretary to CM Vijayan. She says that the said person is also close to Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the state secretary of CPIM and is one of the Directors of Gospel for Asia an organisation of K.P Yohannan. She also says that Shaji Kiran is the person "who is handling the investment of the Chief Minister as well as Kodiyeri Balakrishnan abroad".

"He started pressurising the petitioners to surrender before the Chief Minister. He informed that already a case has been registered against the 1st petitioner and if they do not surrender before the Chief Minister by openly stating that she has given 164 statement at the instigation of the petitioners' present counsel and RSS and BJP, he threatened the petitioners with dare consequences to the effect that they will not see day light as cases will be registered against them in such a way they will have to remain in jail for long", Swapna says in the Petition.

Swapna has claimed that she was asked to record an audio/video stating that the statement given under Section 164 is false and she was compelled to do it.

Swapna says in the Petition, "He has given the petitioners time up to 10 am on 09.06.2022. He informed the petitioners that on 09.06.2022 he along with the DGP will be present before the Chief Minister and at that time he will have to give the statement of the 1st petitioner to the chief minister failing which serious consequences will be followed".

She states that she has recorded some portion of the conversation with Shaji Kiran who claimed that he has come to her on behalf of Pinarayi Vijayan.

She states that Shaji informed her that if she fails to give a statement as demanded by the Chief Minister before 10 am on Thursday, she and Sarith will be arrested from the residence and will be brought to the Cantonment Police Station at Trivandrum and will be kept in the custody for questioning and will be remanded to judicial custody after adding non-bailable offences.

In the Bail Application with K.T.Jaleel as the 2nd Respondent, it has been said that though the offences charged against her in the FIR are bailable and the 2nd Petitioner is not named in the FIR, they have approached the Court "considering the situation and the circumstances that prevail in the State right now and since the media reports clearly show that Mr. Pinaraayi Vijayan, who is the Chief Minister as well as the Home Minister is hell bound to see that the petitioners are taken into custody so as to coerce them to withdraw the statement given under 164 Cr.P.C".