The Kerala High Court on Tuesday appreciated the Fire Department Personnel and the Civil Defence Volunteers for their contribution in putting out the fire at Brahmapuram Waste Plant.

The bench of Justice S.V. Bhatti and Justice Basant Balaji observed that the failure to control the fire or allowing the fire to spread to the neighborhood would have led to unimaginable consequences.

“We are conscious that either the failure to control the fire or allowing the fire to spread to the neighborhood would have led to unimaginable consequences.”, the Court observed.

The Court remarked that “…this Court is of the view that this Court and the citizens of Cochin place on record their appreciation for discharging a herculean task of putting out the fire at the site at this time of the year by the Personnel of the Fire Department.”

“We record our recognition, satisfaction, and appreciation to the Personnel of the Fire Department for all their efforts. We also record the same appreciation for the contribution of the Civil Defence Volunteers in putting out the fire.” it further added.

The Court directed the Director General, Kerala Fire and Rescue Services to convey its appreciation to each one of the Personnel who worked hard.

“At the appropriate stage of the proceedings, this Court would also observe suitable rewards and recognition by the State Government to the frontline firefighters.”, the Court said.

Advocate General K. Gopalakrishna Kurup appeared for the State and Standing Counsel K. Janardhana Shenoy appeared for Kochi Municipal Corporation. Standing Counsel T. Naveen appeared for State Pollution Control Board.

This comes after the District Collector and the Secretary, Cochin Municipal Corporation, both from the inputs they received and what they saw in the physical inspection stated that the fire is completely contained and put out by 100%.

“By placing the statement on record, we notice that the first of the problems taken up by the suo motu writ petition is answered as stated by the Officers.”, the Court noted.

During the previous day of the hearing, the Court had directed the Secretary of Cochin Municipal Corporation to provide the chronology of the consideration of passing over the responsibility of managing Brahmapuram Solid Waste Management Plant facility by a 3rd party agency.

The Court had also directed to place before the court the payments made by the Cochin Municipal Corporation under the head of collection, transportation, handing over, treatment etc. for the past seven years to the contractors or the staff.

In its Order dated March 10, the Court had directed the Additional Chief Secretary and the Secretary to explore viable, alternative long-lasting solutions for the handle, handover, transport, and safe disposal of solid waste generated from the twin cities of Cochin and Ernakulam.

Cause Title- Suo Motu v. State of Kerala & Ors.

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