The Bombay High Court has directed that if any person is interested in feeding stray dogs, he shall first adopt the stray dog. The Court also observed that real charity lies in taking complete care and not just feeding and then leaving poor creatures to fend for themselves.

"…if any person is interested in feeding stray dogs, he shall first adopt the stray dog/bitch, bring it to home, register it with Municipal Authorities or put it in some dogs shelter home and then showering his love and affection on it, may feed it while taking it's personal care in all respect.", the bench of Justice Sunil B. Shukre and Justice Anil L. Pansare observed.

Advocate F.T.Mirza appeared for the petitioners whereas Additional GP D.P.Thakre appeared for the State. Advocate S.M.Puranik appeared for the Municipal Corporation.

The Court observed that there can be no denying the fact that the menace of stray dogs is being faced by the citizenry of Nagpur almost day in and day out and now it has increased beyond tolerable levels.

The Court observed that "Many of these strays are aggressive, ferociously wild and simply uncontrollable in their behaviour. Therefore, there is a need for the authorities to take charge of the matter, as required under the law and also the need for the Samaritans to come forward and render their assistance to the authorities in controlling the stray dog hazard."

While issuing a slew of directions the Court has directed that no citizen and no resident of Nagpur and areas surrounding shall feed or make any attempt to feed the stray dogs in public places, gardens, etc. Further, the Court also directed the Commissioner of Police and Superintendent of Police, Nagpur (Rural) to take necessary steps within their respective areas for controlling the menace of stray dogs/bitches in terms of Section 44 of the Maharashtra Police Act.

The Court directed the State Government to release the amount of Rs.17 crores for taking measures of birth control for the stray dogs.

"We also direct the Commissioner, Nagpur Municipal Corporation to consider the implementation of the directions given by the Full Bench of this Court in the case of All India Animal Welfare Association (supra) regarding identification of suitable plots of land, where the captured stray dogs could be housed by creating a large dog shelter home which would be well equipped with sufficient manpower and all the facilities required for upkeep and maintenance of the dogs.", the Court held.

The Court observed that it is the duty of each one to take proper care of the dogs/bitches, whether they are reared as our pets or allowed to grow up in the streets.

Cause Title- Vijay Shankarrao Talewar and Anr. v. The State of Maharashtra and Ors.

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