The Bar Council of India (BCI) recently on January 12 ordered to constitute a three-member Fact-Finding Committee with regard to the recent protest in the Calcutta High Court by the lawyers.

The BCI in its letter to the Sub-Committee said, “The disruptive and disrespectful behaviour of some of the Advocates of Kolkata High Court, the boycott of court and illegal protest forceful physical obstruction of lawyers from entering in the court rooms are prima-facie gross misconduct.”

The Bar Council of West Bengal has also on January 13 via an emergent meeting decided to observe the “Black Day of Lawyers” to protest against such an incident and has ordered to comply with the decision by putting Black Tag on the chest on Monday i.e., on January 16 from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Earlier on January 9, a large group of alleged pro-Trinamool Congress lawyers blockaded the Court of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha and allegedly pasted posters against the Judge in the Calcutta High Court premises as well as near the residence of the Judge. (read report)

In the meanwhile, Justice Rajasekhar Mantha initiated suo-motu criminal contempt proceedings against the lawyers who blockaded his Court on January 9.

On January 10, Justice Rajasekhar Mantha directed to look at the CCTV footage from his Courtroom premises for the purpose of identifying the Advocates who locked his Court Room No. 13 from the outside.

The BCI has, therefore, directed, “After considering all aspects of the matter, this Committee resolves to constitute a "three member Fact Finding Committee" consisting of Mr. Ravindra Raizada, Sr. Advocate, Mr. Ashok Mehta, Sr. Advocate and Ms. Bandana Kaur Grover, Advocate, Member Executive, Delhi High Court Bar Association to visit and inquire into the incident and find out the truth. The Committee will interact with the learned Registrar General of Kolkata High Court as well as the President, Secretary and Members of the Executive Committee of the High Court Bar Association. The Committee shall also collect the materials (like CCTV footage, videography etc.). The Committee is requested to submit its report to the office of the Bar Council of India latest by 17th January, 2023.”

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