The Allahabad High Court refused bail to Abbas Ansari, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Uttar Pradesh.

A Bench of Justice Jaspreet Singh elucidated that bail wasn't warranted at this stage due to pending examination of crucial witnesses and policemen involved in the case. The Bench said, “Considering the profile and the background of the applicant and his family antecedents, the allegations may not be completely without substance. If such influence whether for monetary reason or under threat or coercion, if can be exercised over police and prison authorities so effectively who are basically enforcers of law then it can be well imagined how the applicant can effectively garner power to influence any witness or to persuade him to change his stand and this aspect if seen in light of the fact that the evidence is yet to commence.”

Advocate Pranjal Krishna appeared for the Applicant.

Prosecution alleged that Ansari misused his wife's mobile phones to intimidate witnesses and officials involved in his cases, even resorting to extortion.

The Court emphasized the potential ramifications of granting Ansari's wife unrestricted access, implying that it could enable Ansari to wield undue influence over witnesses. Given Ansari's position as an elected official, the Court underscored the necessity for him to uphold a higher standard of conduct. The Court said, “In normal circumstances and even as per the law, the Jail Authorities do not and could not grant such unrestricted access to any person which has been allegedly extended to the wife of the applicant, obviously at the asking of the applicant. The recovery of two mobile phones from the wife of the applicant who was found in the Jail premises in a room where she could not have access unless the Jail Authorities turned a blind eye.”

While seeking bail, Ansari contended that the accusations primarily targeted his wife and other co-accused, such as police officials and jail authorities. Despite this, the Court noted his prima facie involvement and rejected the bail plea.

However, the Court directed the trial court to expedite proceedings and admonished the prosecution against unnecessary adjournments during witness examinations.

Cause Title: Abbas Ansari v. State of U.P, [2024:AHC-LKO:33836]

Applicant: Advocates Pranjal Krishna, Arun Sinha, and Siddhartha Sinha

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