The State of Uttar Pradesh today told the Supreme Court that the Shivling and the area where it was found should be protected.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told that since the Shivling is said to be found at the Wuzukhana of the Mosque, "if someone touches with feet, there will be law and order problem".

The Varanasi Court had yesterday restrained the performance of 'Wuzu' or ritualistic cleansing before the performance of Namaz, based on the finding of the inspection reported before it.

Tushar Mehta submitted that he does not have papers in the case. He was then handed over the order passed by the Varanasi Court yesterday. "We will read it together", the Bench said.

The Court was concerned whether the order of the Varanasi Court will be interpreted to mean that Namaz be prevented in the Mosque since the Court had said that the application filed before it by the Plaintiff was allowed as prayed for. Mehta submitted that the order be read as confined to the operative portion set out in the order.

The Solicitor General then submitted that he wants to get instructions regarding the geographical position of what has been found in the inspection. "Wazukhana is a place where you wash the face and hands and legs, there will be a separate place where namaz is done. the Concern appears to be that location where something significant to the suit is found, anyone entering nearby might cause some difficulty", he said while asking for the matter to be kept tomorrow.

He said that the Court will have a complete picture if the matter is heard tomorrow after he obtains instruction from the state.

On enquiry by Court about who is appearing for the Plaintiff, Mehta submitted that his colleague has been informed by the son of Advocate Hari Shankar Jain who appeared for the Plaintiff in Varanasi Court, that he has been hospitalized due to a cardiac problem.

"Lordship may order protection of Shivling or what has been found in inspection", Tushar Mehta submitted.

While the Court was dictating the order, he submitted that there will be a law and order problem in the state if someone touches the Shivling with their feet.