The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the Writ Petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution by Kilari Anand Paul (KA Paul), an Indian evangelist turned politician, seeking security and protection in India. The Court, while dismissing the plea, asked him why he needs protection in India if he is in the US.

The Court of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah witnessed bizarre submission by the Petitioner appearing in person while seeking the order for protection from the Court. At the outset, a Counsel told the Court that Paul is appearing in person virtually and he claims that he is a global peacemaker and recommended for noble prizes many times by many countries, his life is in danger and he wants security.

Justice Kaul observed that "if it is not provided, he should move the High Court" and asked where the petitioner is. Appearing in person through VC, Paul submitted that, "I have been blessed by god to travel to 155 countries almost all the major war zones, including our present Law Minister Kiren Rijiju and 17 different political party leaders have travelled with me and we successfully stopped 7 wars. But last year we failed to stop the Ukraine war though I continue to speak with the Russian President Putin and Union Minister Parshottam Rupala is also Ambassador of peace along with me, travelled many countries and he has seen Z+ security/highest security given to me in all 155 countries."

Continuing, Paul said, "You might have seen the Quran burning in 2010, I was able to stop it when everybody else failed." Intrigued with the submissions made, Justice Kaul enquired, "You said High Court passed an order on 9th February to provide you security, is that correct?". Paul replied, "Yes, I had sent a letter and they took Suo-Motu because I am raising serious allegations against the Government Corruption and the Union Minister wrote a letter to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister but they did not pass the order, because people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana want change. Andhra Pradesh has 9 Lakh Crore Debt and Telangana has 5 Lakh Crore Debt and they know I have the ability to double the economy."

"These are all Generalization", the Court said and referred to the Telangana High Court's order of February 9, 2023, which read, "Without expressing any opinion, we are of the view that the Director General of the Police Telangana should make an assessment on the threat perception of the Petitioner and thereafter do the needful in accordance with the Law."

The Bench told Paul that the Police must have assessed the threat perception and that if he feels that the order is not complied with, he may move the High Court and not the Supreme Court.

Paul then submitted before the Court that "the reason I came before the Supreme is that we are contesting in 14 different states and not Telangana alone". He further said that "I have no political interest but because I have been forced to come to save the economy to save the democracy with my connection in 200 countries with 700 Biilionaries, I have proven myself by donating 5 Lakh Crore."

"Very good" replied Justice Kaul and added that "My question is very simple, enough of this lecturing. In the order of 24th March 2023, you were directed to appear before the Trial Court within a maximum period of 2 months, did you appear or not is my question?"

Paul replied, "This particular time I could not because of the life and death situation, I am in the US and I am seeking for extension". He also said that "the Hon'ble Home Minister invited me".

Dismissing the matter, Justice Kaul asked him if he is in the US, why does he need security here, and remarked, "You take your security from the Union Home Minister. Sorry, Dismissed. You get the central security if he is willing to give it to you."

As per the order dated February 9, 2023, the Telangana High Court had suo-motu registered a writ petition on the basis of a letter written by K.A.Paul to the Chief Justice on February 7, 2023, stating that earlier he was provided adequate security coverage by the State Government considering the fact that he has been taking up causes of the public and raising issues against the Government. The High Court refused to enter into such issues as those were outside the scope of the suo motu writ petition but had asked the State DGP to take an independent decision.

Cause Title: Dr. K. A. Paul @ Kilari Anand Vs. Union Of India [W.P.(Crl.) No. 000135 - / 2023]