The Delhi High Court recently observed that when computer-generated e-mails are sent to customers, they have no way of contacting the officials concerned, under whose instructions the said e-mails have been generated and sent.

The Court noted that these issues plague banking customers across the industry, hence, there ought to be some accountability when e-mails are sent in this manner.

Justice Prathiba M. Singh was dealing with a contempt petition filed by the Petitioner alleging violation of Court’s order. The Counsel for the Petitioner submitted that despite the Court having clearly directed the bank not to take any coercive steps against the Petitioner, the Petitioner received a demand notice from the respondent-bank reflecting total outstanding dues/ amount of Rs.1,00,972.

Subsequently, an e-mail was received that stated that the Petitioner’s Credit Card would be closed soon.

The Counsel for the bank submitted that the said communications are system generated.

Sanjeev Sindhwani Senior Counsel appearing for the bank submitted that the Bank does not have any intention to violate the orders passed by the Court and wished to tender an unconditional apology.

It is his submission that all the charges including the penalty and other amounts which have been charged to the Petitioner are to the tune of Rs. 1,12,825 and that the Bank is willing to reverse all these charges.

Advocate Soumya Kumar appeared for the petitioner, Advocate Ramesh Babu appeared for RBI and Senior Counsel Sanjeev Sindhwani appeared for the respondent-bank

The Court noted that there ought to be some accountability when e-mails are sent in this manner.

Thus, the Court directed the bank to file a response as regards whether in the e-mails issued by the respondent-bank to all its customers, the names of the officials concerned along with the e-mail ID of the said officials can be inserted, in order to ensure the accountability of the Bank official.

The Court also sought its response on the process of verification that is undertaken before the registered mobile numbers can be changed.

Cause Title- Sarwar Raza v. Ombudsman RBI & Anr. & Anr.

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