The Karnataka High Court today directed a petitioner to seek relief against his challenge to the Aadhaar infrastructure contracts being issued to foreign companies.

Since the petitioner, Colonel (retired) Mathew Thomas had already approached the Supreme Court earlier regarding privacy concerns of Aadhaar, the Division Bench of Chief Justice Prasanna B Varale and Justice Ashok N Kinagi said that it would be proper for him to place this issue before the Apex Court.

The High Court, however, said that the doors of the High Court are open if the Supreme Court directed him to seek relief from it.

The petitioner had claimed that four foreign entities were entrusted with collecting data and biometrics for Aadhaar.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing through video conference to argue the case, submitted information regarding Indian citizens being entrusted to foreign entities, and said that since Aadhaar is linked to phone numbers and bank accounts, this information in the hands of foreign entities would adversely affect national security interests.

He also contended that the High Court has the jurisdiction to hear the issue just like the Supreme Court.

The High Court, however, disposed of the petition suggesting that they approach the Supreme Court as the petitioner had earlier filed a petition in the Apex Court regarding privacy issues of Aadhaar.

With PTI inputs