Press conference held by Animal Legal Force Integration in Ernakulam


One elephant in every thirty two hours, that is the rate of death of elephants in Kerala as per Animal Legal Force Integration, an organization involved in animal rights litigation in the state. The organization held a press conference in Ernakulam today blaming the state government for its failure to protect elephants in the state. According to the organization, between August, 2017 and September, 2018, 238 wild elephants and 37 captive elephants have died in the state. 77 of them were baby elephants.

In December last year, the Kerala High Court had initiated suo moto proceedings against the Travancore Devaswom Board regarding cruel treatment of a temple elephant. The issue came to light after Animal Legal Force integration filed a police complaint against the Devaswom Board officials. The organization pleaded before the High Court that an NGO be permitted to take the elephant to Agra for treatment, at their expense.  However, the forest department of the state government opposed this plea.

The organization then approached the Chief Minister with a representation containing 1400 signatures, seeking his interference in the matter. However, the state government continued with its earlier stand that it will take care of the elephant instead of handing it over to the NGO for treatment. Given the plight of elephants in the state and apathy of the state government, the organization has now threatened that a 10 lakh strong animal lovers and activists will vote against the ruling party in the state, to force the state to mend its ways.

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